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How about wrapping yourself around a chunky knit throw? A chunky knit throw is the perfect thing to bring you comfort. The woven bottom of our fleece blanket is ultra-soft and cozy. The softness and fluffiness of a chunky blanket puts you in a cocoon of well-being. It is a must-have to decompress in the evening.

A large knitted blanket will bring you warmth on winter nights. Indeed, the very thick wool of our large knitted fleece blanket will keep you in a warm bubble. Outside of winter, you can use your chunky fleece blanket when the evenings get chilly. Nothing better than to have your chunky fleece blanket at your disposal to spend a spring or fall evening in maximum comfort.

Characteristics of our chunky knit fleece blanket
Type : chunky knit throw
Materials : 100% Wool  
100% biodegradable
Hand knitted
Ideal for a cocooning lifestyle
Easy to wash by hand
Season: winter mainly, spring and fall 
In this collection, we offer several types of knitted fleece blankets. You will find both beige chunky blankets, powdery chunky blankets and exclusively wool chunky blankets. Our chunky blankets are all made from woven wool fibers. The chenille yarn of the knit fabric makes our blankets soft and cozy. 

If like us you are attentive to the comfort of life and you are addicted to fleece blankets, know that a chunky fleece blanket is perfect to make your home more cozy. What could be better than coming home in the evening and snuggling up under a chunky fleece blanket? There is nothing better to relax and finally take some time for yourself. A cozy and cocooning atmosphere, it is not refused to a fleece blanket addict.

Having a knitted fleece blanket is very fashionable. This new type of fleece blanket is in fashion. You will be able to have the coast near your friends thanks to this superb fleece blanket. A large knitted blanket is also a perfect decorative element! You can drape it over your sofa or bed. As a couch blanket, a bed set or a chunky chair cover, the choice is yours. Match your chunky knit throw

We use quality wool pellets and skeins. Our mission is to have a really soft braided bottom. Weaving in chenille yarn with skeins and balls of thick wool is the cornerstone of the knit fleece blanket. If the chenille pile is well braided, then the fleece blanket is delicate and soft. It’s wonderfully maintainable, easily washed, and you can keep it for many years.

If you are looking for a fleece blanket just for your decoration, check out our faux fur fleece blanket decoration.

Which knitted fleece blanket to choose?
If you’ve read this far, you’re in the midst of searching for the perfect blanket to make your everyday life more cocooning. Our advice to help you choose the right knit blanket for you is this: trust your taste. Ask yourself what you like? A coarse knit rug to keep you warm at night, or a coarse knit rug to decorate your living room? Do you prefer a white chunky fleece blanket, a pink chunky fleece blanket or a black chunky fleece blanket? If you are a fan of a particular color, we suggest you broaden your search and browse our collections of blankets by color. If you’re a fan of red and duck blue cozy blankets, you might as well go directly to our color collections.

If you’re looking for an ultra-soft, ultra-comfortable, plush and cozy blanket, choose the one that makes you want to. They’re all made of thick, quality wool, but there’s sure to be a cocooning fleece blanket design that stands out for you!

By the way, if you want a wool blanket without it being a heavy knit blanket, head over to our wool fleece blanket collection. 

Whatever your choice, you’ve come to the right place. You’re going to improve your comfort considerably, and that’s why we exist. Let yourself be carried away and imagine the feeling you’ll have when you slip under your thick knit fleece blanket with a nice hot chocolate. Heaven, isn’t it? 

What are the advantages of a woolen blanket? 
There are several advantages to getting a knitted blanket.

A knitted blanket will keep you as warm as a wool blanket and will bring you more softness than a fleece blanket. You’ll find that our knitted blankets are really warm and ultra-soft.
A knitted blanket is the perfect accessory to face winter. It will also serve you well on cool spring and fall evenings.
A coarse knit blanket is biodegradable. Ours are made with woven and recycled wool fibers, which is why our chunky blankets are eco-responsible. The chenille yarn, the skeins and the balls of wool are responsible.
Coarse knit is very easy to store. It does not deteriorate with time and will remain at your side for many years. 
A coarse knit blanket is hand knitted, which makes each blanket unique.

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