Blanket hoodie

Discover our Blanket hoodie
Do you like cocooning atmospheres focused on coziness? Then you will love our collection of Blanket hoodie. Thanks to our Blanket hoodies, you will finally be able to relax once you get home.

All of our Blanket hoodie are made with a warm sherpa lining and an extremely soft fleece exterior. You’ll be able to keep warm at all times and still be free to move around no matter what you’re doing. This hoodie will bring a casual look to your home.

In our hoodie collection, you will find women’s Blanket hoodies, hoodie plaids, long Blanket hoodies, red Blanket hoodies, pink Blanket hoodies and much more!

Type: Blanket hoodie
Materials: Fleece, Sherpa, Knitwear
Hoodie style
Blanket hoodie without zipper or with zipper
Ideal sweater for fall-winter but also spring and summer
We recommend you to use it on cool evenings. The Blanket hoodie will keep you warm. By putting on this Blanket hoodie you will spend cosy moments thanks to its comfort. All while being very trendy.

Our Blanket hoodie are XXL, their long sleeves and their large sizes will cover your entire body to keep you warm. For even more softness, you can put the hood but also your hands in the side pocket to warm up your extremities.

Which Blanket hoodie to choose?
First of all, ask yourself if you want a Blanket hoodie to keep you warm, as pajamas, for a casual look. But that’s not all. What color do you want? What shape do you want?

At Fleece Blankets you will find what you are looking for. We offer a wide range of products to suit a maximum of people. Indeed, we have plain or checked sweaters. But we also have several colors with light gray, navy blue, charcoal gray, black sweaters. Regarding the shape, you will find Blanket hoodie with a straight cut, but also loose Blanket hoodie or more slip fit. All with a zipper or without for the most classic. The choice is yours!

After answering these quick questions, you will have found the hoodie of your dreams. In terms of lifestyle comfort, it’s a must-have. You will improve your quality of life and comfort instantly. What a pleasure to come home and put on your Blanket hoodie to relax and get warm after a hard day’s work.

If you like fleece sweaters with sleeves because they keep you warm, check out our fleece plaid collection.

If you are a fan of cocooning and comfort, the sleeve sweater will meet both aspects. This very trendy sweater will serve you for all occasions and even in mid-season. Indeed, even during the mid-season the coolness of the evening can be felt. So nothing better than to have a Blanket hoodie to spend pleasant moments.

What are the advantages of a plaid with sleeves?
There are several benefits to getting a fleece hoodie.

A Blanket hoodie will keep you warm with its fleece lining.
Practical, the Blanket hoodie can be worn for any occasion.
A sweatshirt sleeve is perfect to face the cool evenings of winter, fall, spring and summer.
With this sweatshirt you will be very trendy while keeping a casual look.
The hoodie is the perfect accessory to spend cosy moments thanks to its softness.
The Blanket hoodie can be of a classic shape or with a zipper system for even more practicality.
The fleece sweater is a one-size-fits-all garment, so you’ll never go wrong with the size and you can easily wrap yourself in it for even more comfort.
If you feel that a Blanket hoodie does not enhance your home decor, check out our large collection of sofa plaid.

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