Blanket hoodie Zipper grey


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Features Throw Blanket hoodie Zipper Gray:

  • Sherpa interior liner : hold hot and Fluffy
  • Fleece exterior fabric : Very soft
  • Thick garment
  • SIZE SIZE – Mannequin Measure 1m65 cm
  • Zipper to close the hoodie>
  • easy machine wash at 30 °
  • Standard delivery offered

Hold yourself hot and be free from your movements with the Zipper Gray Throw Blanket hoodie.

Enter a Wellness Bubble thanks to this blanket hoodie with a zip. Extra wide sleeves, giant hood and side pocket will put you in a cozy cocoon. This polar hoodie was designed to be the accessory cocooning accessory . To make it even more comfortable, inside the hoodie a fleece lining has been set to have a intense mellow and especially bring heat. As for the Exterior hoodie, you have a polar fabric that makes soft your hoodie for even more comfort. With its zipper, you can open it to put it but also, if you are too hot.

For even more happiness and conviviality, this hoodie has been thought to suit both a man and a woman or a child. Indeed, this hoodie xxl is single size . This one has a Straight cut and allows to suit each morphology . In addition, its zipper zipper allows you to put on more easily. You can take advantage of this comfort to your entire family. However, for even more comfort, why not have one one and play on the colors?

This blanket hoodie keeps all your body warm . Indeed, you have the hood to hold your head warm, you have the ample sleeves , you also have the big Kangaroo pocket to put your hands. The blanket hoodie arrives at the height of the knees but its size XXL is planned for cover the set of your legs. Once sitting, then you go bending your legs and the blanket hoodie will wrap your legs. You will be trimmed to spend your best parties “Netflix and Chill”. So what are you waiting for?

What are the advantages of synthetic fibers?

The Throw Blanket hoodie is made from polyester . This material is a thermoregulator, it does not hold moisture. It is also a very resistant fiber, which retains an intact color even after washing. In addition, the polyester is hypoallergenic, it does not store. It is an ecological fabric in its way of being done but also 100% recyclable.