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Discover our Wool Throws
You know why we love wool throws? There are so many reasons! A wool Wool throw blanket is soft, it’s elegant, it’s warm, it’s comforting, it’s light… At Univers Wool throw blanket, you will find the largest collection of woolen Wool throw blankets in France.

We are convinced that you will find your ideal wool Wool throw blanket. There is something for everyone: warm, light, patterned, colored, sober… we told you we had the largest collection! A wool Wool throw blanket is perfect to make you spend a cocooning moment. You will dive into a world of well-being instantly. What’s more, a wool throw is by nature eco-responsible. What more could you want to relax in front of your favorite movie?

Characteristics of our wool blankets
100% Wool : Protects from the heat and cold
Wool fabric : soft and warm
Thermo-regulating fabric: lets the skin breathe and does not make you sweat
Rectangular wool blanket
Easy to wash by hand
Eco-responsible & biodegradable 

In this collection, we offer you wool blankets xxl, wool blankets of all sizes as well as pink or even beige blankets. These throws are made from sustainable and biodegradable wool. They will therefore bring you softness and exceptional comfort while respecting the planet.

The woolen throws inspired by countries such as Norway, Ireland or Scotland are perfect to spend the fall and winter. Imagine… you’ve had a hard day at work. You need to rest. When you get home, you make yourself a delicious hot chocolate. You put on your favorite show. Then comes the moment you’ve been waiting for: you snuggle up under your wool blanket. 

Take advantage of our soft woolen blankets to spend cocooning and cosy moments.

Which wool blanket to choose? 
 We congratulate you for reading this far: you are really looking for the perfect wool throw! We will give you some tips on how to choose the right throw(s). 
We strongly recommend that you rely on your own taste, not on the taste of others. What do you like? A Wool throw blanket that keeps you warm, or a Wool throw blanket to decorate your home? Do you prefer a warm wool rug, a wool xxl rug or a brown rug? Ask yourself what you want to do with this wool blanket: do you want it to keep you warm, or do you want it to bring a modern touch to your home?

Take some time to think about it. In any case, you are at the right place to find (finally) your happiness. Your ideal wool Wool throw blanket is at Univers Wool throw blanket ! 

Treat yourself to a sublime wool throw to perfect your lifestyle.

What are the advantages of a large wool rug? 
There are several advantages to buying a large knitted throw.

Wool traps air and keeps the body at an ideal temperature. It adapts to both cold and hot weather. 
Wool is the material par excellence to avoid any perspiration. You can relax serenely
Wool is an antiallergenic material thanks to its antistatic power. You will have a wool Wool throw blanket that does not retain dust and retains its softness.
A wool throw is ideal for responsible consumption. Wool is recyclable and therefore sustainable. The fibers are 100% recycled.
Comfortable living, what does that mean to you? It is important to feel good at home. With a wool Wool throw blanket, cocooning moment guaranteed!

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