Faux fur fleece blanket

Discover our Faux Fur fleece blankers

Do you like to curl up in warm, soft and comfortable throws? Then you’ll find your favorite Faux Fur fleece blankerhere. With our Faux Fur throws, you can instantly improve your living comfort.

Most of our Faux Fur fleece blankers are hand woven. We strive to offer you the most realistic Faux Fur fleece blankers possible. From imitation rabbit Faux Fur coverages to imitation fox Faux Fur coverages, you have the choice. You will find here your cozy blanket to make your living room cocooning.

Type : Faux fur fleece blanker
Materials : Wool, Polyester, Fleece
Perfect imitation of suede and animal fur
Hand woven Faux Fur fleece blanker
Faux fur blanket ideal for fall and winter
In this collection, we offer fur blankets of all kinds. You will find, for example, imitation fur blankets, soft faux fur blankets.

All of our faux fur fleece blankers are perfect fleece blankers to spend the winter and fall. If you want a sofa blanket or a bed cover all season, we advise you to redirect you to our other collections.

Treat yourself to a beautiful Faux Fur fleece blanker to make your home cozy. A great way to relieve stress after a long hard day at work.

Which Faux Fur fleece blanker to choose?
If you value your living comfort, you are most likely looking for the perfect accessory to enhance your comfort. To choose the perfect faux fur rug, we suggest you trust your taste. Do you prefer a faux fur rug with a fur that imitates rabbit or fox? Also rely on the emotions you feel. Which color will make your home more cocooning?

A faux fur rug is a must-have for a comfortable life. Ask yourself how you want to feel when you snuggle up underneath with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

When it comes to feeling warm underneath a blanket, you have plenty of choices. In addition to the furry blankets we offer, we also offer warm fleece blankets. You can snuggle up under it in the evening.

You prefer a wool blanket or a fur blanket rather than a fake fur blanket? You can now discover our collections to find your happiness.

The faux fur blanket is an essential accessory to feel as good as the inhabitants of Scandinavia all year long.

Faux fur blankets 220×240 for your sofa
Our faux fur blankets are available in several sizes. Among all these sizes, you will have small faux fur blankets but also xxl fur blankets. The larger the blanket, the more elegant the fur imitation. To use it in sofa blanket mode on a corner sofa, it’s great. Your sofa will be illuminated by this cozy furry blanket.

On your matrimonial bed or in your living room, a faux fur blanket warms the atmosphere. For a cozy and warm atmosphere, a faux fur fleece blanker should be unfolded and draped. Pair it with soft pillows, raw wood furniture, striped curtains or green plants for added comfort.
What are the benefits of a furry blanket?
There are several advantages to getting a faux fur rug.

A faux fur rug will keep you warmer than a wool rug, and will bring you much more comfort. Indeed, a faux fur rug will be much softer than a wool rug.
A faux fur rug is the perfect item to face the winter. A faux fur blanket holds heat very well, perfect for not being cold.
You respect perfectly the animal cause. It is only an imitation and not the fur of a real animal. The faux fur blanket perfectly combines the chic side with the ethical side.
Fake fur is easy to clean.
Finally, you may have noticed that between a faux fur rug and a fur rug, there is a clear difference in price. We take care to weave our faux fur blankets by hand, but we wanted to make sure that there was a clear price difference for you.
If you are still hesitating, it’s because an imitation fur rug is not what you really want. If you are looking for a different and more cocooning design, discover our ultra-soft knitted blanket.

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