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Want to perfect your interior decoration? Thanks to our sofa plaids, you will be able to embellish your living room. Draped over a sofa, a plaid makes your living room radiant. Whether you have a corner sofa or a sofa bed, you will find the perfect throw.In our extensive collection of sofa throws, you will find all types of throws. Soft and cozy throws are perfect for embellishing your sofas. A soft throw can even make your sofa more comfortable! That’s right, a wool plaid will bring softness to your sofa, while a faux fur plaid will bring tenderness.A sofa plaid brings a cozy and warm atmosphere. A cocooning design is ideal to immerse you in a bubble of warmth. In addition to serving as a sofa blanket, our plaids can also be used to keep you warm during the long winter evenings.
Characteristics of our plaid for sofa
Type : Sofa ThrowMaterials : Wool, Faux fur, Polyester, Sherpa, Jacquard100% biodegradableHand-knitted throws for a good assembly with your sofasIdeal for a radiant and luxurious interior decorationPossibility to wrap yourself under our sofa blanketsYou will be able to discover different materials in our huge collection of sofa throws. From cotton plaids to fleece plaids to Scandinavian plaids to turquoise plaids, you’ll find something to suit you. You can even find the perfect size to fully cover your sofa. A 220×240 plaid if you have an xxl sofa, or even a 100×150 plaid if you have a medium sofa.If like us you are attentive to the comfort of life, you will love to create your own cozy nest. Several colors will be available to you, such as an anthracite sofa rug, a black and white rug or even a dark grey rug.With our sofa throws, you’ll also be able to take care of your bedroom. If you’re looking for a bed set or even a bed throw, a woven throw will be perfect. For your bedroom on your matrimonial bed or even for a nursery. You’ll even have the luxury of getting a double-sided throw so you don’t always see the same side of the throw.Opt for a sofa throw that also doubles as a bedspread and blanket throw. This way, you can cover your sofa, but also your bed and your sofa bed thanks to a plaid. Easy to care for, machine washable, warm and soft to the touch, a decorative sofa throw will bring a touch of cocooning to your home in addition to keeping you warm.
Which large sofa rug to choose?
When choosing your large sofa rug, you need to ask yourself the right questions.Do you want to choose a sofa rug based on its material? If so, get a throw in the material of your choice. Whether it is jacquard, sherpa, acrylic, polyester or cotton, you will find your sofa rug in our collection.If you want a sofa plaid based on color, observe what color will look good in your living room. Is it an ecru plaid you want, or a charcoal plaid? Do you want your plaid to match the color of your curtains, or do you want it to be plaid and Scandinavian style with tassels? We have several colors, so you can choose the one that suits you.The same goes for the look. Do you prefer a plaid with checks, stripes or patchwork? Do you want your sofa rug to give your decor a new look by being mottled, or do you simply want it to match your bolsters? Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll know what type of sofa throw you’re looking for. You’ll be able to combine a chic and cozy home decor while having a cocooning throw to wrap yourself in. If you are looking for a cozy throw, check out our collection of cocooning throws.
What are the benefits of a corner sofa throw?
There are several benefits to getting a sofa throw.A sofa throw will enhance your home decor. It is a decorative must-have for a cozy atmosphere. A beautiful fur effect on your sofa rug is a luxury.A sofa rug can be used as a quilted fabric on a box spring. A quilt is always welcome on a bed!The synthetic fibers of wool blankets and fleece blankets are soft and tenderizing. You’ll find your sofas more comfortable and warmA sofa throw made of woven wool fibers is biodegradable. You embellish your living room while respecting the planet.You have a huge choice of plaids with different materials to create your best bed runner. You have the possibility to bring a unique touch to your decoration by changing several. Several colors are available so that you can change your sofa plaid regularly.Maybe our collection of sofa throws is too large for you. If you want a cocooning plaid without having to browse our entire collection, discover our collection of plaid imitation fur.

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