Polar fleece blanket

Discover our Fleece Throws
Do you love rolling around in warm, soft and comfortable blankets? Then our Fleece Throws are for you. With our fleece blankets, you can instantly improve your living comfort. 

We offer you quality fleece blankets so that they keep you as warm as possible thanks to their double-sided design. You will find various sizes of fleece blankets, including 220×240, white fleece blankets, fuchsia fleece blankets, black fleece blankets, etc. Our fleece blankets have a whole lot of capacity to keep you warm. The double sided side offers softness to the Polar Blanket.  

Type : Fleece blanket
Materials : 100% Plush 
Main Function : Fleece blankets that keep you warm
Fleece throw ideal for cold seasons 
All of our fleece blankets are ideal for cold weather. This blanket can also be used as a sofa blanket, or as a bedspread. It’s the perfect single throw for the home. 

Treat yourself to a beautiful fleece throw to make your home cozy. A simple way to relax after a long hard day at work. 

Our fleece throws are easy to care for. They are easily machine washable at 30°. 

Which fleece blanket to choose?
Here, it’s all about taste. Ask yourself this question: what are you looking for in a soft fleece blanket? We have several colors available and several materials in our fleece blankets. All are made of polyester microfiber, but the quality of the fabric changes. The soft fabric for example will bring more softness.

If you want a blanket that will keep you warm and cozy through the long winter evenings, choose a warm fleece blanket. Our warm fleece blankets are invigorating and anti-static. A warm fleece blanket offers so much comfort that it will be your winter ally. For those long, cool winter evenings, there’s nothing better than a soft, warm fleece blanket. What’s more, the fleece blanket is the blanket that can be used every day. Unlike our faux fur Polar Blankets, a fleece Polar Blanket is often used daily. They are soft, comfortable and durable.

If you want a fleece rug to embellish your home, choose a rug in a color you like. You can then use it as a sofa throw, a bed set, etc. A simple way to make your living room more cozy. Couple this Polar Blanket with soft pillows, and you’ll be in a little cocooning universe. In your bedroom, a warm fleece blanket will make a wonderful bed runner. If you like sober colors, opt for a beige, black or gray fleece. On the other hand, if you like flashy colors, go for a raspberry pink or a bright orange fleece. 

Depending on the color of your bedroom or living room, you will not choose the same color or size. Thanks to all our colors and models you will find your happiness for sure. Whatever Polar Blanket you choose, we know that it will improve your comfort thanks to its softness and warmth.

A fleece blanket is a must-have to have at home to enjoy your long winter evenings. Imagine yourself wrapped up in it while eating some nice warm pancakes.   

Do you want to offer a large polar blanket?
If you want to please your friends and family, a large polar blanket is perfect. It’s a cocooning gift par excellence for your friends and family! Whether it’s a fleece blanket for a baby or a fleece blanket that keeps you warm, it’s a gift that people love to receive.

If you’re giving this gift to a woman, get a large, soft fleece blanket. Women are chilly, and they love to snuggle up under a warm, cozy quilt. It’s perfect for resting at night and watching a great show.

Opt for a stylish color for your warm fleece blanket. For example, a white fleece blanket or a powder pink fleece blanket seems like a great color. You’ll see, the microfibers in fleece are so soft and fluffy that a fleece blanket will be one of the best gifts possible!

To use a large fleece throw, use it as a couch throw during the day. As soon as you get home from work, wrap yourself in it and get warm!

What are the benefits of a warm fleece throw? 
There are several benefits to getting a fleece throw. 

A fleece blanket will keep you as warm as a wool blanket, but with superior softness. 
A fleece blanket is the ideal accessory to face winter. A fleece blanket insulates very well from the cold, perfect for not shivering on your sofa. You will be warmed up in no time.
Fleece is easy to clean. Indeed, it is very simple to wash in the washing machine.
Finally, fleece Polar Blankets are more affordable in terms of price than faux fur Polar Blankets. At Fleece blankets we offer everyone the opportunity to get a warm fleece blanket.

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