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Fleece blankets is the online store specialized in plaid. We offer several types of plaid so that you find your happiness. You are attentive to your living comfort and you like to curl up in warm plaids? Fleece Blankets is committed to providing you with the comfort you deserve. We offer you all kinds of plaids. Here you have an overview of our plaid collection. Fleece Blankets is the plaid store par excellence. You have an infinite choice to find the plaid that suits you. We offer you wool plaid, faux fur plaid, fur plaid and even fleece plaid. We carefully select our throws so that they meet all the same conditions: comfort, warmth and softness. Our throws are definitely soft. They are designed to comfort you after a long day of work.Imagine curling up under a wool blanket or a faux fur blanket with a delicious hot chocolate. All you have to do is turn on your computer to watch your favorite show and you’re done. A plaid is much more than a simple blanket. It’s a must-have for anyone who wants to improve their living comfort. The material of our various plaids is comforting. It’s a quick, simple and effective way to relieve the stress that accumulates throughout the day.Most of our plaids are hand woven (all information is available on the product sheets). Transparency is one of our core values). Beyond their cosy material, a plaid is synonymous with aesthetics. We work every day to offer you original, beautiful and different designs. With a plaid, you will send a strong message to your entourage that taking care of yourself is important. A nice way to convince your friends and family to let go once the work day is over. We let you browse our different collections to find the plaid that will suit you. Each person has his or her own criteria, but everyone has a common goal with a throw: to make their home cozy. Type : Throw Materials : Wool, Fleece, Fur, Cashmere, etc.Perfect element for a cocooning living roomHand woven plaidInspiration : Scandinavian countries, Scotland, CanadaIdeal throw for the fall and winter monthsWant to start by browsing this collection of throws that includes all our throws? Filter your search using the search filter at the top right. Discover all of our throws by browsing the faux fur throw, wool throw, fleece throw or fur throw collections.If you wish to have an all-season plaid, we advise you to refer to our bed cover collection. Bedspreads are often lighter than plaids, which makes them an all-season accessory. Treat yourself to the plaid of your dreams to make your home cocooning. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety and say hello to happiness and cheerfulness with a throw.

Which plaid to choose?
This is a question we often receive by mail. If you want a throw but don’t know which one to choose, ask yourself some questions. For example, why do you want a throw? Is it to make your life more comfortable? Or to make your living room look nicer? Do you want a rug that will keep you warm? Or would you rather have a plaid that makes your bedspread more beautiful and enjoyable? Meryl & Flavio, founders of Fleece Blankets, recommend one thing: trust your taste. You like to have a plaid that stands out from the rest of the living room? Choose a plaid with a color that is not very atypical. You like sobriety? Choose a white or black plaid. Let your imagination run wild and visualize these plaid(s) in your living room. Which one will make you feel more at home? Which one will give you the most emotion and why? Which color will make your living room feel cozy? Whatever your answer, a plaid is a must for optimal living comfort. All the inhabitants of the countries attentive to their happiness have several plaids. Think for example of the country of Scandinavia. It’s no coincidence that the number of throws per capita is highest in these countries that breathe happiness.

What are the advantages of plaid?
Let’s finish by listing some of the benefits of plaid. Of course, this list is not exhaustive. There are more than just a few benefits to plaid. We just can’t count them all! A throw will keep you warm. Whether the plaid is wool, faux fur or fleece, the warmth is extremely well preserved. We design our throws to bring you warmth and comfort. A plaid brings softness. The touch is pleasant, regardless of the material. The softness of a throw does psychological good. A plaid is the perfect accessory to spend the winter and fall. It can come in handy on those endless summer evenings. There is nothing better than a little plaid on your legs to keep you warm in the garden. A plaid keeps very well over time. It is very easy to clean and does not get damaged as much as a blanket. Our throws are designed to last you for years. To conclude, we can say that the plaid is the ultimate comforting object. Its softness, its touch, its texture are of capital importance for an optimal comfort of life.

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