Blanket hoodie man grey


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Features hoodie Throw Blanket Man Gray:

  • Thick inner lining in Sherpa : Very hot and very Fluffy
  • Fleece exterior fabric : Very soft
  • Thick garment
  • Single size – The model Measures 1m75 cm
  • easy machine wash at 30 °
  • Standard delivery offered

Opt for relaxing and relaxing evenings with the MAN Gray Throw Blanket hoodie.

end the evenings where once the work you can not decompress and think of something else! With this blanket hoodie you will know more than Casual . The fleece of the hoodie will come wrap you from a warm layer . The Sherpa interior will also wait for you through its intense fluffy . The whole will put you in a wellness bubble delicious and you will no longer think of your daily hassle.

That’s not all! This makes the comfort of this hoodie for man it is also its giant size . You will never feel oppressed and tight. In addition, its extra size will be able to suit all the silhouettes. To warm up your hands or storing things you have a extra large pocket on the front of the Throw Blanket hoodie. In addition, you will find a soft hood as well as large hot sleeves.

The assembly between the Throw Blanket and the Hooded hoodie allows you to have as hot as with a Throw Blanket but being free of your Movements . Indeed, you can do what you want without never be discovered . Once sitting on your chair or on your sofa you can bend your legs towards you cover it with extra large hoodie. The heat will remain concentrated and will relax all the evening.

What are the advantages of synthetic fibers?

The Throw Blanket hoodie is made of Polyester . This material is a thermoregulator, it does not hold moisture. It is also a very resistant fiber, which retains an intact color even after washing. In addition, the polyester is hypoallergenic, it does not store. It is an ecological fabric in its way of being done but also 100% recyclable.