Brown Plush Cushion Cover


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Characteristics of the brown plush cushion cover:

  • 100% plush: Very hot
  • Plush Long Plush: Very hot
  • Verso Plush Fur Short Hair: Very soft
  • Brown plush cushion cover Rectangular
  • Zipper System
  • Easy washing machine at 30 °
  • Standard delivery offered

Life is trying. Bring yourself happiness with this teddy cushion cover elaborated to keep you hot.

Need for relaxation? Do not be too long ! With this plush cushion cover You will relax the time of an evening after work or the time of a day on weekends. This cushion cover will bring an atmosphere cocooning At home so that you enjoy your cozy cocoon.

For us, it is necessary that you had one at home that corresponds to you but also that it is peaceful at most after this Long working day. This is precisely why this cushion cover will bring you comfort and relaxation.

Our plush cushion covers are sweet and warm. Thanks to them, you will float in a moment of total happiness and forget all your problems. You will enjoy your evening as best as it can but you will also give you energy for the next day. In addition, its sparkling color will bring a little glow and originality to your interior.

What are the advantages of plush material?

The fibers used for the manufacture of the material Plush are generally of synthetic origin and often mixed between the polyester as well as the polyacrylate. These two materials give an extremely soft and thick result but also very hot and wonderfully soft.