Slipper Sock Man


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Champion Champ Sock Man:

  • 100% polyester : resistant
  • bolocheted interior fabric : soft
  • shoe thick sock
  • Non-slip sock slipper
  • easy machine wash at 30 °
  • Standard delivery offered

Never fear the cold again with this man Sock shoe!

Throw Blanket Univers is committed to bringing you comfort in your life. We know how important it is to rest once at home after a long day of work. For this we offer this man shoe man to warm up your feet but also relax entirely. Indeed, as soon as the extremities are cold the whole body is tightening and we all know how nice is not. The softness sock shoe will comfort you as well as you warm thanks to its thick material . What’s better than lying on his sofa with warmheads in front of the TV to create a real atmosphere cocooning ?

The material of these socks slippers allows you to adapt to each of you. Indeed, we are attentive to the well-being of our consumers. For this we offer quality products with a varied choice colors. Passing light gray to black not passing black and white. All of these products have the same goal: you Have hot all year round. So you just have to pass the course to benefit from maximum comfort by relaxing your long day of work.

This Sock Sock slipper are made from Natural Cotton Fibers . These natural fibers make the pair extremely soft and mellow inside. This sock slipper is the ideal product to warm your feet and relieve yourself in a mood atmosphere . In addition, the cotton fabric allows you to enjoy this comfort to a maximum of person since it is very cheap. Guests can enjoy a sweet pair of sock slipper at a very affordable price price.

threaded your sock slippers and never cold at feet!

What are the advantages of plush material?

the fibers used for the manufacture of the material plush are generally of synthetic origin and often mixed between the polyester as well as polyacrylate. These two materials give an extremely soft and thick result but also very hot and wonderfully soft.