Old Pink Furry Cushion Cover


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Features of the Old Rose Fur Cushion Cover:

  • 100% polypropylene: Very Resistant
  • Fur Fur: Very hot
  • verso suede : Very soft
  • Pink cushion cover Rectangular
  • Easy washing machine at 30 °
  • Standard delivery offered

Our world is tiring. Give yourself comfort with this fur cushion cover made to keep you warm and stay trend.

Aimé Cocooning atmosphere fans, this cover Fur cushion is terribly soft. It is the perfect example of a moment Cozy, like during a quiet weekend evening where serenity and relaxation are needed.

For us, it is valuable to benefit from maximum comfort after a hard day of work. Lie on this fur cushion cover and the comfort will be at the rendezvous .

Once lying on this fur cushion cover, the entire problems are for a while. SA Softness allows to appreciate the pleasant moment and to immerse ourselves in a moment of total ecstasy. The heat of the polypropylene is ideal for offering you moments cocooning every moment. Its design will make your interior trend and unique.

What are the advantages of the fur?

Faux Fur is made based on polypropylene . This material is a thermoregulator, it does not hold moisture. It is also a very resistant fiber, which retains an intact color even after washing. In addition, the polypropylene is hypoallergenic, it does not store. It is an ecological fabric in its way of being done but also 100% recyclable.