Throw Blanket Large Mesh Green


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Green mesh Throw Blanket characteristics:

  • 100% wool : holds very hot
  • Wool fabric : soft and warm Throw Blanket
  • Chunky Throw Blanket Thick Wool
  • easy hand wash
  • eco-responsible & amp; biodegradable
  • Standard Delivery Offered

Make your cocooning daily thanks to this large green mesh Throw Blanket. A perfect Throw Blanket to relax.

This Green mesh Throw Blanket is a must-have to improve your comfort of life. Throw Blanket Univers has been created to help you make your life more enjoyable, warmer. The sweetness you will bring this chunky blanket comes from the crawler. Hand knitted, Crawler wire offers softness and comfort . We take care to choose sweet and cozy skeins for more comfort. We take the time to do the loops well and knit the braided background.

You will not be cold at night, and you can fall asleep without having frozen feet in the evening. During the day, you can use this Throw Blanket to improve your decoration decoration. On a bed like on a sofa, this big mesh Throw Blanket blends into any decor thanks to its green color.

Beyond its softness and its tenderness certain, this big mesh Throw Blanket has many other advantages. Indeed, the mesh will actually keep you hot . You will warm yourself in no time to fall asleep. Imagine a little feeling of slipping under this big mesh Throw Blanket when returning from work with a delicious hot chocolate. Heaven ! On top of that, the mesh is thermoregulatory .

If our big Throw Blanket green mesh it wants multi-season, it is also sustainable. Throw Blanket Univers is committed to providing you with eco-responsible products. In fact, the wool fabric that is very soft is made from 100% recycled fibers . The wool fabric is even biodegradable ! So you have a perfect Throw Blanket large, responsible and ethical mesh. The wool fabric has a power anti-brund , which allows the Throw Blanket to keep its sweetness over time. Your big green mesh Throw Blanket therefore perfectly respects the environment and the planet.

Opt for this large sustainable, qualitative and eco-responsible big mesh Throw Blanket. Convert your friends for more responsible consumption and look into this hot, soft and comforting Throw Blanket.

What are the advantages of the mesh?

The mesh is a hand knitted material that allows to protect warm as cold. The mesh is a tissue that resists in time in addition to being a natural and biodegradable material. This adapts to the change of temperature and regulates moisture but it is also an anallergenous fabric. This Throw Blanket will comfort you thanks to its intense softness.