Throw Blanket Chunky Pink Knit


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Fat Throw Blanket Characteristics Pink Mesh:

  • 100% wool : holds very hot
  • Wool fabric : soft and warm Throw Blanket
  • Douillet and soft pink mesh Throw Blanket
  • easy hand wash
  • eco-responsible & amp; biodegradable
  • Standard Delivery Offered

The big mesh Throw Blanket thought to keep you warm and bring you from softness. Ideal for a cocooning moment as it is soft and cozy.

This Throw Blanket big mesh pink is the perfect Throw Blanket to improve your comfort of life. A pure wool Throw Blanket with a braided wool background Chenille, that’s what you need. This mesh cover is ultra-soft and ultra-comfortable. You will feel all the sweetness of the mesh on your skin. What’s better than snuggling under a big mesh Throw Blanket for Unzip in the evening? What’s more, this Throw Blanket holds warm. Pure hot wool of the Throw Blanket will warm you in no time.

during the day, drapt this Throw Blanket on your sofas or bed. In bed or Throw Blanket sofa mode, this Throw Blanket will make your decoration more cocooning. A cozy cover associated with poufs or fluffy cushions makes your decoration cozy. The mesh Throw Blanket rose brings a touch of heat and seduction to your living room. If you take it in XXL, this Throw Blanket will cover all your sofa. A beautiful pink hue to illuminate your sofa and living room.

If you have enough to have the hands and feet frozen at night, rest assured: the mesh is very hot. The wool fabric is perfect for spending a night warm and wake up in a good mood. The mesh is thermoregulatory , which means it will bring you heat when you are cold, but not that. Indeed, if you are hot, the mesh will handle the heat to regulate your temperature. You will not sweep anymore. This allows you to use this Throw Blanket in spring or autumn too.

On the other hand, this Throw Blanket big mesh pink color is a Throw Blanket biodegradable and responsible. Indeed, the wool fabric is made of 100% recycled . Throw Blanket universe cares about the environment and ensures that the products are respectful of the planet. The big mesh Throw Blanket will keep all its softness and its tenderness and will always keep you hot!

Alliez Quality and durability thanks to this big pink mesh Throw Blanket. Make your life more enjoyable, comfortable and warm!

What are the advantages of the mesh?

The mesh is a hand knitted material that allows to protect warm as cold. The mesh is a tissue that resists in time in addition to being a natural and biodegradable material. This adapts to the change of temperature and regulates moisture but it is also an anallergenous fabric. This Throw Blanket will comfort you thanks to its intense softness.