Throw Blanket Crochet Wool


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Characteristics of the Throw Blanket hook big wool:

  • 100% Irish wool : Hot protector
  • Irish wool fabric : soft, durable, warm
  • Thermoregulatory fabric: Leaves the skin breathe and does not hoodie
  • Throw Blanket Hook Big Fluffy Wool and Thick
  • easy wash at 30 °
  • eco-responsible & amp; biodegradable
  • available in 3 colors
  • Standard Delivery Offered

a Throw Blanket hook big soft wool and thick for you lover in it.

Our Throw Blanket Crochet Big Wool is a real in Throw Blanket Univers. At our humble opinion, it’s a must if you like cocooning atmospheres. Woven with a sumptuous natural wool, this crochet Throw Blanket is solid and warm . If you like to spend the cold winter evenings under a Throw Blanket, you are in the right place. The soft and thick texture of this Throw Blanket will immerse you in a heat bubble .

The charm of this crochet Throw Blanket is also via its colors. Indeed, you will love the intense dark gray of this wool Throw Blanket. The Gray is a sober and elegant color. It blends perfectly with more ordinary decor. Know that this Throw Blanket will not leave indifferent your friends. They will also succumb to the charm of this Throw Blanket. The Gray is also the reference color for elegance .

So you have the privilege of having a soft Throw Blanket and cocooning at home. A Throw Blanket that will be perfect for keeping you warm at night and decorate your home during the day. From one stone two shots, this Throw Blanket is indeed a must.

In addition to being elegant, this Throw Blanket is close to nature. Made of a biodegradable wool with Fibers Fully Recycled , this Throw Blanket is eco-responsible. An elegant Throw Blanket must respect our planet. In this same optics, the Throw Blanket is sustainable since it keeps very well in time. It will be your size ally for the next few years when it will be cold. You will have the chance to have a Cocooning Throw Blanket available if it was cold, no matter the season.

What are the benefits of Irish wool?

The Irish wool holds warmer than the classic wool. It helps to resist cold. Constituted with solid fiber, Irish wool is more resistant over time. Irish wool remains more prestigious than classical wool.

Like wool, it is a natural insulator sustainable . Indeed, it is a natural material biodegradable.