Throw Blanket Faux Fur Leopard Blue


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Characteristic Faux Faux Leopard Faux Blue:

  • RECTO 100% Plush Faux Fur: D Ocence
  • Verso 100% polar: Very comfortable cover
  • imitation leopard coat: 100% ethics
  • Throw Blanket Faux Fur Leopard Blue Rectangular
  • Easy Hand Wash
  • Standard delivery offered

Treat yourself from comfort while being trendy with this fake blue leopard faux Throw Blanket.

Hold warm with this Faux Faux Leopard Blue Fur . It will bring you all the comforts needed to finally relax. It is necessary to know universe Throw Blanket is the Throw Blanket shop par excellence to offer you all the comfort you need. This Throw Blanket will come comfort by its soft and its softness so loved and searched by you. It will also know you warm up at the right time by creating a heat bubble very cocooning . You simply imagine you wrap in this hot Throw Blanket after an exhausting day of work .. Just think about it is already appreciated.

But that’s not all, this Throw Blanket is also an object of decoration in its own right! Its Imitation Leopard Peeler is ultra trendy and very chic . In addition, its blue color will bring a touch of color to your living room or room while remaining sober and elegant. This blue can also associate easily with your decoration by bringing softness. This Throw Blanket is at the same time a real accessory to warm up, comfort but also a real decoration accessory that will bring out your wild side and trend .

The Throw Blanket material is made with synthetic fibers that make it comfortable. Indeed, you have on the front of the Throw Blanket the peel side of leopard that makes the Throw Blanket soft. From the other you have a polar lining that brings a extra sweetness and especially a loved mellow. The result gives a warm and comforting Throw Blanket, perfect for cozy evenings and warm . With this Throw Blanket you will no longer be able to miss your moments of respite.

Finally, if you are sensitive to animal welfare then this faux faux leopard blue plagold is for you. Because yes, this Throw Blanket imitates only the coat of the leopard but you find no animal trace. This Throw Blanket is therefore ethics and r esponsable . Nevertheless you will have all the beauty of the coat and sweetness. Finally, this Throw Blanket is made with a quality certain, which will do it to last in time and thus answer a ecological approach .

What are the advantages of faux fur?

Faux Fur has various advantages. Beyond the fact that it is very trendy , you will have Facilities to clean it . Indeed, the faux fur consists of synthetic fibers that wash very easily by hand or with a soft cycle washing machine. Finally, it is enough to suspend it to dry (do not use a dryer that could damage it)

Faux Fur is also synonymous with Longevity . It is not uncommon to see faux fur Throw Blankets hold several years without even damaging.

To finish on the advantages of faux fur, it costs Less expensive than the real fur. and that even if it is woven by hand.