Throw Blanket Faux Fur Purple


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Characteristic of the Throw Blanket Faux Fur purple:

  • RECTO 100% Polyester Fur Plush: D Ocence
  • Verso 100% polar: Comfortable cover
  • woven fabric and anti-blown
  • Throw Blanket Faux Fur purple rectangular
  • hand easy wash or soft-cycle washing machine
  • Standard delivery offered

Preset in cozy cocoon with this Throw Blanket fake purple fur.

Throw Blanket Univers is committed to offering you a necessary comfort of life. For this, we offer this Throw Blanket Faux fur purple . This Throw Blanket will warm you up during your moments of respite. It will perfect your cozy cocoon thanks to its softness and its fluffy . Create a real Cocooning moments with this fake faux Throw Blanket. Imagine for a rainy weekend, on your sofa wrapped with your Throw Blanket with a good hot chocolate. Happiness is not far ..

This Throw Blanket also has a decorative function. Its design Trend and timeless will come bring style to your interior. You can also put it on a sofa, an armchair or on the top of a bed. In addition, his purple color will brighten up your interior and bring him originality. It’s up to you to associate with a rather simple style. This is the ideal accessory to pass Cosy moments and take you during your evenings or weekends.

The fibers that constitute this Throw Blanket are synthetic. In particular, they allow to imitate the hair of the animal on the outer betting of the Throw Blanket. This illusion of hair will bring the sweet side of the Throw Blanket we love so much. On the inside of the Throw Blanket, we have a fleece fabric that allows you to warm once wrap below. The set gives a result ultra comfortable . That’s not all, this Throw Blanket was handwoven which offers him a quality certain. You can then keep this Throw Blanket long years.

Finally, this Throw Blanket Faux fur purple does not contain no animal trace . This Throw Blanket therefore responds to a ethical approach . This Throw Blanket is respectful of animal welfare . You will not have any reason to guilt by offering you this Throw Blanket. This Throw Blanket wants to look like the most of the true fur by being mild, beautiful and warm. This faux fur Throw Blanket includes all the advantages of true fur without its disadvantages . So you offer you this comfort indispensable to your daily life.

What are the advantages of faux fur?

Faux Fur has various advantages. Beyond the fact that it is very trendy , you will have Facilities to clean it . Indeed, the faux fur consists of synthetic fibers that wash very easily by hand or with a soft cycle washing machine. Finally, it is enough to suspend it to dry (do not use a dryer that could damage it)

Faux Fur is also synonymous with Longevity . It is not uncommon to see faux fur Throw Blankets hold several years without even damaging.

To finish on the advantages of faux fur, it costs Less expensive than the real fur. and that even if it is woven by hand.