Throw Blanket Faux Fur Leopard


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Allocate Chic and Ethics with this Faux Faux Leopard Throw Blanket. A responsible way to make your living room elegant.

This Faux Fur Leopard Throw Blanket will bring you sweetness, comfort and prestige. The coat of the leopard is extremely prestigious and elegant . This Throw Blanket in leopard faux fur that perfectly imitates the true coat of the leopard will bring an unprecedented touch of beauty to your living room. This leopard Throw Blanket allows you to make your single show, but also to be hot.

Indeed, this Throw Blanket faux fur leopard is made in wool. Wool is the material that retains the most heat. You do not risk cold. Moreover, the synthetic fibers which constitute the faux fur of this Throw Blanket are very sweet . It is also this sweetness that makes this Throw Blanket if cocooning . Imagine you snuggle under this Throw Blanket after a long and last day of work … what more?

If you want to make your ethical and responsible consumption , the faux fur is an indispensable material. Beyond the fact that you send a strong message to your entourage , this leopard faux fur Throw Blanket is a perfect imitation. So it’s the easiest way to combine chic and ethics. Take a moment to imagine this faux fur Throw Blanket of white leopard and gray in your living room. You have the choice of colors to find your happiness.

Let’s go back to one of the main functions of this leopard faux fur Throw Blanket. The aesthetics of this Throw Blanket being obvious now, let’s look at what makes its main material: wool. The wool will hold you Hot , which will surely bring you comfort. It is important to create a home cozy to face the harsh winter days. You can consider this leopard faux fur Throw Blanket as a must-see of a chic lounge, ethics and cocooning .

We remember that there is no animal trace in this product . The imitation of the coat of the leopard is well thought out and worked, which gives this impression of true fur. The respect of animals is total , and your comfort of life will be optimal.

Note: We recommend using this Throw Blanket in autumn and winter.

  • 100% wool: holds very hot, does not scratch
  • Faux Faux Leopard : very soft cover
  • Imitation of Fox Peel: 100% Ethics
  • rectangular false leopard Throw Blanket
  • Handwoven
  • easy hand wash
  • standard delivery offered

What are the advantages of faux fur?

Faux fur has various advantages. Beyond the fact that you will be at the mode from your entourage (yes, the fake fur is very trendy!), You will have F Acissions to clean it . Indeed, the fake fur being made up of synthetic fibers, it intersect much more easily than the real fur. Faux fur is lavish very easily by hand. Simply hang it for drying it (so as not to use a dryer that could damage synthetic fibers)

Faux Fur is also synonymous with Longevity . She wears a lot less quickly than her comrade the real fur. It is not uncommon to see faux fur Throw Blankets hold several years without even damaging .

To finish on the advantages of faux fur, Note that it is easier to store and cost cheaper that true fur. On that, we hear that it keeps better in a classic closet than the real fur. Faux fur costs cheaper than real fur. And even if it is handwoven , as is the case for this fake fur fox Throw Blanket.