Throw Blanket Imitation Fourrure grey


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Characteristic of Imitation Fur Gray:

  • 100% Faux Fur: very d Ouce
  • Verso 100% plush: Very comfortable cover
  • Double Thickness: holds very hot
  • Imitation Throw Blanket Fur Gray Rectangular
  • Easy Hand Wash
  • Standard delivery offered

Look no further happiness, with this Throw Blanket imitation Fur Gray, happiness is at your feet.

Univers Throw Blanket is committed to offering you this comfort so much. For this, we offer this Throw Blanket imitation Fur Gray to answer it. Indeed, this Throw Blanket will come to warm up at any time of the day. In addition, his fluffy and his softness will come give extra comfort. For us, this Throw Blanket is the indispensable accessory to spend from Cocoonings moments during your weekend. Throw Blanket + hot chocolate + film = assured happiness!

Nevertheless, this Throw Blanket does not have one function but very two! This Imitation Fur Gray Throw Blanket will give Style home. Its sober design and elegant , will be the subject of a genuine decoration accessory . In addition, its Greye color will be able to get married with the rest of your interior decoration. This is a good way to combine comfort and modernity in one. You will not have any reason to hide your Throw Blanket when it is not used. You can also put it on a sofa, an armchair or a bed top.

Then, this Throw Blanket has been made of synthetic fibers. They allow the Throw Blanket to have this elegant design. Indeed, on the outside of the Throw Blanket, we have its hair that mimic an animal fur Greye and which gives this side very soft. On the other, inside we have the liner thickness which allows you hold hot and offer you a additional comfort . The set gives a Throw Blanket ultra cozy with luxury paces.

Finally, this Throw Blanket responds to a ethical approach since it is made from synthetic fibers and not of the real animal fur. You will not find no animal trace in this Throw Blanket. So if you are sensitive to this fight against illegal animal fur trade, this Throw Blanket is for you. This Throw Blanket brings together all the advantages of real furs without its disadvantages . You have no reason to resist the desire to buy this Throw Blanket. In addition, to be ethical this Throw Blanket is sustainable . The quality of this one allows it to keep long years .

What are the advantages of faux fur?

Faux Fur has various advantages. Beyond the fact that it is very trendy , you will have Facilities to clean it . Indeed, the faux fur consists of synthetic fibers that wash very easily by hand or with a soft cycle washing machine. Finally, it is enough to suspend it to dry (do not use a dryer that could damage it)

Faux Fur is also synonymous with Longevity . It is not uncommon to see faux fur Throw Blankets hold several years without even damaging.

To finish on the advantages of faux fur, it costs Less expensive than the real fur. and that even if it is woven by hand.