Throw Blanket Wool Coarse Knit


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Characteristics of Grosse Wool Throw Blanket:


  • 100% wool : holds very hot
  • Wool fabric : soft and warm Throw Blanket
  • Cozy and fluffy Throw Blanket in mesh
  • easy hand wash
  • eco-responsible & amp; biodegradable
  • Standard Delivery Offered

The big mesh wool Throw Blanket has been designed to keep you warm and bring you comfort. Perfect for a moment Cocooning for both this Throw Blanket is ultra-soft and mellow.

This Grosse Wool Throw Blanket will be ideal for increasing your comfort of life. The braided background of this Throw Blanket and his core thread will bring you softness and tenderness. The thick wool is hot, and you will be warmed in no time. What’s more, the Fluffy and the Throw Blanket will allow you to spend a momentum cocooning. This big mesh wool Throw Blanket will allow you to decompress after a hard day by snugging below.

If this Throw Blanket is ultra-soft, it is also a decorative element. Draped on a sofa or armchair, this Throw Blanket will illuminate your living room. From his knitted mesh in his hand, it’s a way to beautify your sofa sofa. Like a Throw Blanket sofa , you can associate it with green plants, soft cushions or raw wood furniture. In your bedroom, use as bed set . It’s perfect for having a soft matrimonial bed and cocooning.

This Chunky Throw Blanket is also very good for you Reheat at the right temperature like autumn, spring or summer freshness are there. This is possible thanks to the fabric that has a power thermoregulator . This means that it adapts heat intake according to its environment. This material will not swell you when the cold will not be as rough as that of winter. This Throw Blanket is therefore the inescapable accessory to have at home.

Finally, this thick wool Throw Blanket with big mesh is a Throw Blanket made from 100% recycled woven wool fibers and biodegradable. This Throw Blanket will keep this quality in time to respect our commitment. The woolen balls we use are ultra-soft, and the skeins of a good quality. This quality is also felt at the touch of the Throw Blanket which is very soft and silky. You will be able to keep this large woolen Throw Blanket with a large mesh wool, which will never stop holding hot and to be soft .

succumb for a big mesh mesh wool Throw Blanket that will pass everywhere or a big red or blue wool Throw Blanket to bring a touch of color while holding you hot.

What are the advantages of mesh?

The mesh is a hand knitted material that allows to protect warm as cold. The mesh is a tissue that resists in time in addition to being a natural and biodegradable material. This adapts to the change of temperature and regulates moisture but it is also an anallergenous fabric. This Throw Blanket will comfort you thanks to its intense softness.