Throw Blanket Wool Beige


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Characteristics of beige wool Throw Blanket:

  • materials: acrylic and wool : Hot protector like cold
  • Wool fabric : soft and warm
  • Thermoregulatory fabric: Leaves the skin breathe and does not hoodie
  • hot beige wool Throw Blanket, soft and prestigious
  • Easy hand wash
  • eco-responsible & amp; biodegradable
  • Throw Blanket Beige Wool Uni
  • Standard delivery offered

A perfect beige wool Throw Blanket to keep you warm and improve your comfort of life.

Beige is a hot color that replaces the white wonderfully. It symbolizes calm and serenity, exactly like this beige wool Throw Blanket . This Throw Blanket will embellish your home thanks to its beautiful color. During the day, we advise you to unfold on a sofa, an armchair or even a bed. As long as it is nearby, this Throw Blanket will create in you a feeling of well-being . Its color mixed with its color make this beige wool Throw Blanket an elegant and majestic Throw Blanket. It’s a must-have if you want to have a modern design and cocooning at a time. This beige wool Throw Blanket is a big favorite at home!

In addition to being absolutely wonderful, this Throw Blanket actually holds hot . Indeed, this Throw Blanket is woolen. The wool is known to keep you warm. This is the material par excellence to swim in a heat cocoon . In addition, wool is a so-called intelligent matter. Indeed, it is thermoregulatory. So, if you are cold, the wool will hold you hot. And if you are hot, the wool will remember the heat for not that you have too hot. You do not have to worry about if you are going to have too hot or not in the night: the wool takes care of everything.

Ideal for optimal living comfort, this wool Throw Blanket is also an eco-responsible Throw Blanket. The wool is a noble material and biodegradable : you respect the planet using this Throw Blanket. This Throw Blanket is also covered with a wool fabric whose fibers are 100% recycled and responsible . An eco-responsible Throw Blanket must also be sustainable to avoid waste. And this is the case of this Throw Blanket: it will be on your side for many years. A durable quality Throw Blanket, what do you want more?

Choose this sumptuous beige wool Throw Blanket for a chic and elegant design. An eco-responsible, hot and sweet Throw Blanket for your greatest happiness.

What are the benefits of wool?

The wool is a natural insulation sustainable . Indeed, it is a natural material biodegradable which will protect warm as cold by capturing the air and regulating the temperature and prevents transpireting.

Moreover, the wool is antiseptic, so it does not hold the dust and de facto it is non-allergen. Finally, wool is an ecological and natural material since it participates in animal welfare and helps improve soils.