Throw Blanket Wool Chunky


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Characteristics of the Grosse Mesh Wool Throw Blanket Data-Mce-fragment=”1″>

  • 100% wool : holds very hot
  • Wool fabric : soft and warm Throw Blanket
  • mesh Throw Blanket in pure thick wool
  • easy hand wash
  • eco-responsible & amp; biodegradable
  • Standard Delivery Offered

The Grosse Mesh wool Throw Blanket will bring you comfort as well as heat. A fluffy and ultra-soft Throw Blanket for a cooling moment.

Our Grosse Wool Throw Blanket has been knitted by hand with thick good quality wool. The sweetness of our pellets of wool and crawl skeins offers this Throw Blanket this cocooning aspect. The braided mesh Throw Blanket braided background will keep you warm and will plunge you into a comfort cocoon and sweetness. You will be able to admire the weaving by hand, which brings all the cozy and the mellow from this Throw Blanket chunky wool.

With the Throw Blanket mesh, you do not risk more than cold during rude winters. You will be able to wrap you in it while lying on your sofa or bed looking at your favorite movie with a good hot chocolate well deserved. However, this Throw Blanket wool big mesh regulates the temperature of your body in order to adapt to your level of frillyness. You can just as well use it in the summer during your barbecue evenings in the Garden where freshness happens quickly.

We recommend using this Throw Blanket like Sofa throw or your Throw Blanket sofa in your living room. Your living room must be cocooning to face the harsh winter evenings. Draper the edge of bed close to soft cushions and cozy poufs. In your room, put it as bedpath to offer your matrimonial bed an elegant appearance. You can wrapped up faster below the night for you Reheat .

Throw Blanket Univers is vigilant to its impact on the environment. We are looking for you to offer you quality products while designed with 100% recycled and biodegradable fibers. That’s why this ultra-soft Throw Blanket is knitted with responsible wool fibers.

What are the advantages of the mesh?

The mesh is a hand knitted material that allows to protect warm as cold. The mesh is a tissue that resists in time in addition to being a natural and biodegradable material. This adapts to the change of temperature and regulates moisture but it is also an anallergenous fabric. This Throw Blanket will comfort you thanks to its intense softness.