Throw Blanket Wool Scandinavian


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Throw Blanket characteristics wool Scandinavian :

  • Materials: Acrylic and Wool : Hot Protects Like Cold
  • Wool fabric : soft and warm
  • Thermoregulatory fabric: Leaves the skin breathe and does not hoodie
  • Nordic Throw Blanket Soft, warm and cocooning
  • Easy hand wash
  • Eco-Responsible & MPA; biodegradable
  • Available in 7 colors

  • Standard delivery offered

Spend pleasant moments in front of a series thanks to this Scandinavian wool Throw Blanket.

Throw Blanket Univers Hold to offer you a wide range of choice for your Scandinavian wool Throw Blanket . The Nordic Style Is unique and particularly endearing. We like to pamper ourselves under a Scandinavian Throw Blanket, it makes us travel. We just have to see this knitted Throw Blanket for the imaginary to start. The Scandinavian countries, like Norway, Sweden or Finland all have a philosophy around the cocooning. For them, it is vital to create a home comforting for our happiness on a daily basis. Atmosphere Cozy And the moments of relaxation are very popular. What’s more, this wool Throw Blanket is perfect for making your decoration unique and modern. A simple Throw Blanket design but Sumptuous to perfect your home.

You have the choice between Multiple Colors . Do you trust your tastes! What do you want this Scandinavian Throw Blanket to brings to your living room? Heat ? Opt for the yellow Scandinavian Throw Blanket. The yellow will shine your habitat. You want purity? Take the white, it gets married to perfection with any type of decoration. You want a more atypical color? So opt for blue / green!

Thanks to this Scandinavian wool Throw Blanket You too immerse yourself in a world of well-being. A chic and elegant element for one. This well-being, you will also have it thanks to the subject of this Throw Blanket. A material at a time soft and hot , which will warm you in no time. A material that is preserved very well. Indeed, we are talking about wool. The wool will hold you hot. Just enough to not be cold, but not too much for not that you have too hot. Being Thermoregulatory , wool will cause you what you need. If you do not have cold, the wool fabric will hold the heat to leave you with the sweetness of the Throw Blanket. So you can use it in the spring and even in the summer to benefit from the sweetness of the Throw Blanket.

A Cocooning Scandinavian Throw Blanket must respect the environment. This is how we offer an eco-responsible Throw Blanket. A Eco-Responsible Throw Blanket has several characteristics. First, it is Durable . It is kept and easily interspersed. You will not need to change it every year. Then he does not pollute. This is how the wool is Biodegradable . The wool fabric, composed of 100% recycled fibers, is ideal for having responsible consumption. Throw Blanket universe relies on you to impress your entourage with this Scandinavian Throw Blanket. Show them through this Throw Blanket that’s possible combine quality and eco-responsibility !

What are the benefits of wool?

The wool is a natural insulator Durable . Indeed, it is a natural material biodegradable that will protect warm as cold by capturing the air and regulating the temperature and prevents hoodieing.

Moreover, the wool is antiseptic, it does not hold dust and de facto it is non-allergen. Finally, wool is an ecological and natural material since it participates in animal welfare and help improve improvement soils.