Throw Blanket Wool XXL White


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White wool Throw Blanket characteristics:

  • materials: acrylic and wool : protect warm as cold
  • Wool fabric : soft and warm
  • Thermoregulator fabric: Leaves the skin breathe and does not hoodie
  • Throw Blanket Large size, soft and silky
  • easy handwheel or soft cycle machine
  • eco-responsible & amp; biodegradable
  • standard delivery offered

Wissing yourself in a large soft blanket with white wool Throw Blanket.

Who can refuse a moment of sweetness? This moment that we all wait with impatience in the evening by entering home. This moment that will make us forget our hassle of everyday life. You spend this moment so precious, we offer this giant Throw Blanket to wrap you in it. Once wrapped in you will feel like it’s on a soft cloud and tenderness . The lightness of the fabric will not crush you but simply caress you. It is an ideal Throw Blanket to pass cocooning evenings .

This cocooning at wish is possible thanks to the Throw Blanket fabric. Indeed, you have a textile consisting of different materials. You have the wool fibers that allow you to keep you at hot despite the lightness of the fabric. But you also have the acrylic that makes the fabric softer but also resistant . Washing after washing your Throw Blanket will keep the same pace as his debut. You will be able to keep this Throw Blanket long years while enjoying a comfort of life. This fiber mixture also allows you to have a silky rendering and elegant.

Finally, this large cover can also serve as a decoration. Its elegant design and refined will come sublimate your interior. You showcase this blanket you can have it like Throw Blanket sofa or drape your armrest. All is a matter of taste. In addition, its white color will come illuminated your lounge area and bring a lot of freshness. The white is also a color that will have no trouble associating the rest of your decoration despite the different styles and give a touch of cozy to your home.

What are the benefits of wool?

The wool is a natural insulator durable . Indeed, it is a natural material biodegradable which will protect warm as cold by capturing the air and regulating the temperature and prevents hoodieing.

Plus, the wool is antiseptic, so it does not hold dust and de facto it is non-allergen. Finally, wool is an ecological and natural material since it participates in animal welfare and helps improve soils.