Throw Blanket Warm Wool Yellow


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yellow hot wool Throw Blanket features:

  • Materials: Acrylic and Wool : Hot Protect like cold
  • Wool fabric : soft and warm
  • Thermoregulatory fabric: Leaves the skin breathe and does not hoodie
  • thick Throw Blanket, modern and comfortable
  • Easy hand wash
  • eco-responsible & amp; biodegradable
  • Standard Delivery Offered

A hot wool Throw Blanket is ideal for a cocooning moment. Opt for a comfortable life!

This Hot Wool Throw Blanket is enough thick to hold all the heat. Once again, you will warm yourself in no time. The wool keeps the heat very well and does not let in cold. You will be able to watch your favorite series without worrying about if you are cold. Frozen feet will only be a distant memory ! The wool is thermoregulatory, it is a so-called smart matter. She holds you hot if you are cold. If you come to have too hot, the wool fabric will hold the heat. You will never have too hot! Above all, wool is with intense softness. The Combo heat more softness is the best for a wool Throw Blanket.

During the day, this Throw Blanket can serve you too. If you use it more in the evening, it will make a perfect element of decoration during the day. On a couch, on your bed or on a chair, this Throw Blanket will fit perfectly at home. The simple fact of seeing this Throw Blanket provides a feeling of happiness . Indeed, you will have one hurry: you slip below the evening! At Univers Throw Blanket, we are very attentive to the comfort of life. And for optimal comfort, we need to love our environment. That’s why we advise you this wool Throw Blanket. Cocooning and Comfortable , it’s a must-have. You will love you lover in this Throw Blanket and see it integrate your decoration.

What does the color you prefer, this wool Throw Blanket that holds warm still has a lot of advantages. Indeed, we offer you a Throw Blanket responsible for the environment. A Throw Blanket made with 100% recycled fibers , which constitute the wool fabric. Better yet: wool is a biodegradable material. So you have a responsible consumption . This is a unique opportunity that comes to you: you can decompress and have ethical consumption at the same time. This Throw Blanket is also sustainable , since it keeps well in time. So many hidden advantages for a wool Throw Blanket!

What are the benefits of wool?

The wool is a natural insulation sustainable . Indeed, it is a natural material biodegradable which will protect warm as cold by capturing the air and regulating the temperature and prevents transpireting.

Moreover, the wool is antiseptic, so it does not hold the dust and de facto it is non-allergen. Finally, wool is an ecological and natural material since it participates in animal welfare and helps improve soils.