Slipper Sock Woman


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Chausson features Woman sock:

  • Plush inner fabric : hold hot and Fluffy
  • cotton outdoor fabric : soft
  • Absorbent fabric: Leaves the skin breathe and does not hoodie
  • shoe thick sock, colorful and varied
  • slipper anti-slip sock
  • easy machine wash at 30 °
  • standard delivery offered

Thick and soft sock slippers to put your feet warm.

The Socks Socks Woman It’s the Dada of Universe Throw Blanket! Indeed, this accessory keeps your feet at hot during any season. Because yes, they are thick but we know that cold feet are present even in the summer. We know that womans are more sensitive at the ends. So these sock slippers are ideal for putting your feet in absolute comfort. The softness fabric and her fluffy will plunge you into a cozy cocoon . You will never be cold at your feet again and whatever the season!

These socks are made with thick cotton which allows you to suit up to a maximum of you. On top of that, there are for all tastes since we offer these slippers WOMANS socks in a wide color panel. from the sober color to the color more farther for the sparkling of between you. You only have to imagine your feet wrapped in this woman sock slipper for finally you relaxing and enjoy this moment of tranquility.

In addition to immersing yourself in an atmosphere Cocooning , this woman sock slipper is made from natural fibers . These natural fibers will allow the sock slipper to be extremely soft once on your feet. In addition, Univers Throw Blanket is committed to what everyone can benefit from a certain comfort comfort. For this we have chosen cotton sock slippers because it allows is very cheap and therefore accessible to a lot of you.

Wissing yourself in this sweet Sock Woman shoe to be hot at the feet. He will put you in a bubble of well-being!

What are the advantages of cotton and plush matter?

The cotton is a fiber vegetable that can absorb moisture from the body and air. These sock slippers will not swell you once on your feet. Its fabric keeps warm thanks to its pellets and plush side. These sock slippers will put your feet warm in a cozy place. In addition, this fabric allows you to have sock slippers at a very affordable price so that each of you can benefit from optimal comfort.

Fibers used for the manufacture of the material plush are generally of synthetic origin and often mixed between the polyester as well as polyacrylate. These two materials give an extremely soft and thick result but also very hot and wonderfully soft.