Soft Plush Cushion Cover Purple


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Characteristics of the soft cushion cushion cover purple velvet:

  • 100% handmade: superior quality
  • Velvet plush fabric: Very soft
  • mauve cushion cover rectangular
  • zipper system
  • easy machine wash at 30 °
  • standard delivery offered

life is stressful. Get your well-being thanks to this velvet plush cushion cover made to keep you hot.

want to create a cocooning atmosphere? So let yourself be seduced by this cushion cover of extreme sweetness. These scratches in relief will give volume to the cushion and its color will give a touch of originality in your room or living room.

It is very necessary for us to bring you an important comfort once at home. This cover will give you this comfort desired but also relaxation. We know that after a long day of work, this comfort and this relaxation are sought after by you.

heat and softness Peluche velvet go you Leave in a moment of complete happiness. You will forget your problems the time of a period by plunging you into this universe cozy . In addition to being soft and hot, this cushion cover will also bring a touch of brilliance and relief thanks to its design.

What are the advantages of velvet?

The velvet is a very resistant material. It also has a power of insulation, very pleasant material on a sofa or a bed which allows it to very well remember the heat and therefore to promise you pleasant parties cocooning. This fabric has a double tone that contrasts according to lighting and reflects the light.