Throw Blanket Aztec


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Aztec Throw Blanket characteristics:

  • polyester mix and cotton : perfect for autumn / spring
  • Fleece fabric : Very soft Throw Blanket
  • Ancestral Azteque Throw Blanket Woven Hand
  • easy machine wash at 30 °
  • Standard Delivery Offered

Dare the ancestral lifestyle of the Amerindian tribes with a beautiful Aztec Throw Blanket.

If you like to have a Exotic decoration from an ancestral tribe, an Aztec Throw Blanket is what you need. In the draping on a sofa like a Throw Blanket sofa, you will make your decoration exotic. The advantage of a ethnic Throw Blanket is that it plunges you into a perpetual trip without you having to move. Depending on the ethnic decoration you have, this Throw Blanket will bring a different ethnic group to your living room. Today called Mexicans, the Aztecs were a peoples who loved typical and exotic decorations.

If you like traveling, know that ethnic Throw Blanket can follow you everywhere. In a camping car as in a car, this soft Throw Blanket with Aztec patterns can serve as a blanket. It can serve as outdoor mats or as a picnic towel. A Ancestral Throw Blanket Aztec Motif to everything to make your life easier. The ethnicity of the Aztecs will follow you everywhere wherever you are!

The polar and cotton mixture makes this pleid soft and comfortable. Hand woven in a Aztec style , this Throw Blanket will also recall the glorious history of the Aztecs. Like the Grand Moctezuma, you can face cold and travel. Easy maintenance, easy-to-machine washable, this Throw Blanket is durable. It will stay long at your side to dive your decoration in a single ethnic group .

What are the advantages of an ethnic Throw Blanket?

The ethnic Throw Blanket allows you to travel by staying on site. Very quickly, the Throw Blanket brings a unique decoration and an exotic touch. Draped on a sofa, the Throw Blanket plunges your interior into the ethnic group referred to. Easy to transport, the ethnic Throw Blanket will follow you everywhere.