Throw Blanket Bohemian Pink


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Characteristics of Pink Bohemian Throw Blanket:

  • cotton fabric : perfect for autumn / spring
  • Polyester Fabric : Resistant Throw Blanket
  • Bohemian Throw Blanket Girly knitted by hand
  • easy wash in washing machine at 30 ° C
  • Standard Delivery Offered

bring a girly and jovial touch to your seating area thanks to the pink bohemian Throw Blanket.

Wrap in a soft and hot blanket with bohemian Throw Blanket. It is ideal for spending tender moments and pleasant. In addition, its large size will wrap you up from head to feet. You can also put yourself on several below. For a moment hyper friendly you can watch your favorite movie with your best friend. You will not be able to pass from this magnificent fringes Throw Blanket .

This Throw Blanket can also serve as a decoration. Indeed, to put it in. Value, you can arrange it on your sofa to bring out all the pink colors. You can drape your sofa or put it on the armrest. Nevertheless, this Throw Blanket may also have other utilities. You can also use picnic tablecloth or three but still travel cover . The finality will remain the same: offer you comfort.

The comfort of this Throw Blanket is due to the 100% natural cotton fibers and biodegradable . These fibers are also very resistant . You will be able to keep this Throw Blanket long years without losing comfort. In addition, the conservation of this Throw Blanket participates in a responsible approach to the environment and mass consumption. That’s not all, cotton has a absorbing power power. This means that you will never feel moisture by touching the Throw Blanket whatever the situation.

What are the advantages of an ethnic Throw Blanket?

The ethnic Throw Blanket allows you to travel by staying on site. Very quickly, the Throw Blanket brings a unique decoration and an exotic touch. Draped on a sofa, the Throw Blanket plunges your interior into the ethnic group referred to. Easy to transport, the ethnic Throw Blanket will follow you everywhere.