Throw Blanket Bohemian White


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White bohemian Throw Blanket characteristics:

  • 100% cotton : perfect for autumn / spring
  • Cotton Fabric : Absorbent Throw Blanket
  • Throw Blanket Bohemian style Chic hand knitted
  • Easy hand wash
  • Standard Delivery Offered

Have a bright and cozy interior with white bohemian Throw Blanket.

What’s better than lobbies in a great Throw Blanket? This white bohemian Throw Blanket will come you heat after a long day of work. The hot will come to relax to the maximum. In addition, its cotton material of this Throw Blanket will be like a tenderness on your skin . It’s also the ideal Throw Blanket if you like to spend time with your loved ones. Its large size makes it very friendly and perfect to share.

Its use may vary depending on your desires. Indeed, you can use it as well in picnic tablecloth or well draped sofa. But why not use it in travel cover ? One thing is safe his fringes and his style will make you travel like a bohemian. Its white color will bring brightness to your interior as well as a lot of sweetness. It’s a good way to make your couch like new by having the cover on it.

The advantage of this cover it is its cotton material. In addition to being a natural fiber , it is also a fiber at absorbing power . If you decide to put it on your couch, it will absorb the natural perspiration of the bodies that sit underneath. As a tablecloth this one will be able to absorb the moisture of the grass and stay dry to fully enjoy this exit in kind.

What are the advantages of an ethnic Throw Blanket?

The ethnic Throw Blanket allows you to travel by staying on site. Very quickly, the Throw Blanket brings a unique decoration and an exotic touch. Draped on a sofa, the Throw Blanket plunges your interior into the ethnic group referred to. Easy to transport, the ethnic Throw Blanket will follow you everywhere.