Throw Blanket Tartan Red


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Characteristics of the red tile Throw Blanket:

  • 100% polar : Hot
  • Sherpa fabric lining : very soft and soft cover
  • hand woven : resistant
  • Scottish double-sided cover
  • easy machine wash at 30 ° C
  • Standard Delivery Offered

Become a Scottish clan with the red tile Throw Blanket.

Thanks to this Scottish Throw Blanket you will be part of a clan. Indeed, it is the natives who wear Scottish coverage. It’s a tradition that has been going up for a long time. These people use it to pass friendly moments after a long day. The purpose of this one is also to warm them up and to tender them with ultra soft material. To have even more the look, you can put it around the size.

As we have been able to mention, the Celts were looking for some comfort. For this, here we offer a flannel fabric Throw Blanket on the outside. It will bring all the heat necessary to decompress. You will also find a thick lining in Sherpa super soft. You will then be directly plunged into a cozy nest Super Cozy. The knit knit also allows a great resistance in time.

Check patterns are also very trendy and timeless . You will be able to do this Throw Blanket a real decoration object when you will not use it. Indeed, you can also put it on your sofa to dress it and make it a Throw Blanket sofa . You can also put it as bedspread to keep you warm at night but also clothe your sheets. It’s up to you to associate the most harmoniously your Throw Blanket with the rest of your decoration in order to have one at home C Hakers and cozy .

What are the advantages of the Ecossais Throw Blanket?

Thanks to our Scottish Throw Blanket you will be able to decorate your home at Celtic style . Use this Throw Blanket as a Lady skirt or as a Kilt Scottish to warm you instantly. In addition, you can easily Machine wash at 30 ° C.