Throw Blanket Tartan Red and White


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Red and White Scottish Throw Blanket Features:

  • 100% Polyester : Hot
  • hand woven : resistant
  • Scottish Tartan cover
  • easy machine wash at 30 ° C
  • Standard Delivery Offered

Turn warm in your red and white Ecossais Throw Blanket.

Being part of a Irish Clan will give you a casual look and elegant. Thanks to this Scottish Throw Blanket you will have the impression of being part of Welsh clans. Its large tiles will bring the typical part of the checkered country of the Northern countries. The colors, remain at the same time classic with red but also brighter with white. You will bring a lot of character to your living room by putting for example this Throw Blanket on a sofa.

Once on your sofa, this Throw Blanket will not only serve decoration but also for you Holding hot . His fabric will bring the softness that we seek in both Throw Blankets. You are going to have one desire: you snuggle in while making you pass for a prince of Wales with his large elegant tiles. This is a simple way to have a comfort at home that laugh at you while being elegant and typical.

This comfort is possible thanks to the polar “. This ultra soft material will come and tender yourself once in it. You will also be very hot while having a lightweight fabric on you. This fiber is very easily washable in washing machine at 30 ° C. So you can use it during a picnic or for. You warm up at home after a long day of work or in a rainy weekend.

What are the advantages of the Ecossais Throw Blanket?

Thanks to our Scottish Throw Blanket you will be able to decorate your home at Celtic style . Use this Throw Blanket as a Lady skirt or as a Kilt Scottish to warm you instantly. In addition, you can easily Machine wash at 30 ° C.