Throw Blanket Hot Pink and White Tartan


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Characteristics of Pink Ecossais Throw Blanket Rose and White:

  • 100% Polyester : Hot
  • Doudou Fabric Lining : Very soft and mellow cover
  • hand woven : resistant
  • Scottish Tartan cover
  • easy machine wash at 30 ° C
  • Standard Delivery Offered

Opt for a Scottish fabric to put as bedspread or as Throw Blanket sofa with the hot Pink and white Ecossais Throw Blanket.

have a Scottish style At home through a Throw Blanket is having a Throw Blanket with tiles which gives this classic side . Nevertheless, the checkered motifs remain Timeless . You will simply bring reliefs to your living room or to your bedroom. In addition, here you have a soft and relaxing color cover. So you went the Celtic style with its tiles while being cozy with its soft colors.

Scottish polar cover is made with polyester fibers. Its fiber gives it its appearance ultra soft and cozy. In addition to the inside of the Throw Blanket you have a reversible lining in imitation mutton peel. Everything will give a very mellow and warm Throw Blanket. Finally, this Throw Blanket has been woven by hand . This means that it will have greater resistance in time despite different washes.

Thanks to its material, you will be able to fully enjoy all its benefits to rest. The heat procured by the Throw Blanket will put you in a cocoon ultra fluffy . The heat emitted will relax your body and make you forget all your problems. You can snuggle from once lying or worn like a kilt for a Total Scottish Look . In both cases, you will be in a relaxed atmosphere.

What are the advantages of the Ecossais Throw Blanket?

Thanks to our Scottish Throw Blanket you will be able to decorate your home at Celtic style . Use this Throw Blanket as a Lady skirt or as a Kilt Scottish to warm you instantly. In addition, you can easily Machine wash at 30 ° C.