Throw Blanket Wool Alpaca Red Coral


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CORAL ALPAGA Wool Throw Blanket Features:


  • 100% wool : Hot protector like cold
  • Wool fabric : soft and warm
  • Soft alpaca Throw Blanket, elegant and warm
  • Easy hand wash
  • eco-responsible & amp; biodegradable
  • Standard delivery offered

a soft and warm alpaca wool Throw Blanket to spend a moment cocooning.

Our subtly designed alpaca wool Throw Blanket is intended to bring you softness and comfort . In addition to holding warm thanks to the wool, this Throw Blanket is really soft . The way is knitted this Throw Blanket makes the touch unique. Flag of tenderness falls on us. The sweetness of the alpaca wool Throw Blanket> will allow you to decompress in no time. A unique wool material for a single show. What to make your entourage jealous.

If you want to have a unique interior, this Throw Blanket is for you. Its beauty and its delicacy its unique. The ability of this Throw Blanket to harmonize with your decoration will leave you mouth. Whether you have a modern, vintage or old school atmosphere, this Throw Blanket will merge with your habitat. You can draze on a bed or sofa during the day. You can alternate each day folding it or flying it on an armchair. A Throw Blanket that will fascinate you and your entourage.

In addition to improving the beauty of your interior and your comfort of life, this Throw Blanket is eco-responsible . If you were looking for a Throw Blanket to impress your entourage, you are actually in the right place. The Throw Blanket wool is biodegradable and composed of 100% recycled fibers and managers . So you can enjoy a soft, silky and sweet Throw Blanket while respecting the planet.

An eco-responsible Throw Blanket, soft and warm. What more do you want?

What are the benefits of wool?

The wool is a natural insulation sustainable . Indeed, it is a natural material biodegradable which will protect warm as cold by capturing the air and regulating the temperature and prevents transpireting.

Moreover, the wool is antiseptic, so it does not hold the dust and de facto it is non-allergen. Finally, wool is an ecological and natural material since it participates in animal welfare and helps improve soils.