Throw Blanket Polar Light Bordeaux Red


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Lightweight Polar Throw Blanket Features Bordeaux:

  • 100% polyester : hold hot
  • Fleece fabric : Very soft cover and anti-baking
  • Lightweight Throw Blanket Red Bordeaux Rectangular
  • easy machine wash at 30 ° C
  • Standard delivery offered

Treat yourself to a polar Throw Blanket that holds hot, which does not damage and that brings you comfort.

Thanks to this polar Throw Blanket , you will benefit from maximum comfort. This Lightweight Red Color Bordeaux Throw Blanket provides a softness unprecedented. This Throw Blanket is made of polyester. The polyester allows you to have a Throw Blanket multi-season . You can use it during a fresh spring evenings that you spend in the garden with your friends, or at the beginning of the winter when the first waves of cold arrive.

The fibers that constitute the polar fabric give the Throw Blanket this unmatched softness. There is nothing more nice than winding in his polar Throw Blanket after a long and hard work day. Imagine a little snuggish under your Throw Blanket with a good hot chocolate and a movie. Nothing better for Unzip !

The Throw Blanket is the must-have for anyone who wishes to make her home cocooning . And as we often repeat: the Throw Blanket is the indispensable element to create a cocooning atmosphere at home. We guarantee you that you will pass nice moments and comforting thanks to this magnificent puppery red color burgundy.

It was important for us to offer you a polar Throw Blanket environmentally friendly . This is why polyester fibers are 100% recycled. Thanks to this Throw Blanket, you have both a quality accessory and respectful of the environment.

The polar fabric has a great power. It works like a anti-blochoche . You will not have any reason to see small polar balls create on the edges of your polar Throw Blanket. You can keep it long. Another gesture for the planet !

Note: We recommend that you use this Throw Blanket in autumn and spring.

What are the benefits of the polar?

polar has various advantages. It is a textile that is very easily interacting and which is lava very easily at the machine. To clean it, simply extend it on an extension rack. If you do not have, you can extend your polar Throw Blanket on any medium that will allow the Throw Blanket to dry.

The polar is therefore synonymous with Longevity . On the one hand because maintenance is easy , but also because That it is minimal . A fleece Throw Blanket can easily you last several years without damaging a hair thanks to the highly resistant polar fabric.

The polar Throw Blanket is different from the wool Throw Blanket. Synthetic Fibers are more light that of a wool Throw Blanket. Polar Throw Blanket remains also just as soft , comfortable and hot . Indeed, the fleece will keep you warm just like a wool Throw Blanket, with a more more of softness .

The polar also remains a cheap product. Its value for money is among the best in bedding. So you can benefit from a high quality comfort for a minimal price .