Throw Blanket Ice Brown


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Frozen brown Throw Blanket features:

  • 100% Microfibers : Hot
  • flannel fabric : very soft cover
  • boulder cover, soft and elegant
  • easy machine wash at 30 ° C
  • Standard Delivery Offered

Opt for an ultra comfortable and gentle accessory thanks to the icy brown Throw Blanket.

Throw Blanket Univers is the ideal shop for comfort. Here we offer this ideal glossy brown Throw Blanket for central cocooning. Indeed, this Throw Blanket is of a intense softness as well as a unparalleled softness . Once blottically in you will have the impression of floating on a cloud. Its large size will also allow you to cover yourself with the head and keep you warm. The hot will come relax in depth and make you forget all of your daily hassles.

All the convenience of the Throw Blanket is possible thanks to the ultra gentle material of the Throw Blanket. This is possible thanks to the flannel fabric . This quality fabric will keep you Hot all year round. The quality of the fabric also feels that it will not create pill. The poulpakes are small balls of fabric that forms because of the different friction. Here, despite the different washes you will have a textile always pleasant to the touch. You also have a blanket that has been handwoven . You will have a much more qualitative rendering.

The beauty of the Throw Blanket also makes it possible to show it and to make it an object of decoration in its own right. Its silky and shiny color will come illuminate your living room or bedroom. This cover will become a real piece of mistress. Indeed, you can also arrange it like Throw Blanket sofa or like bed top . In both cases, its frozen brown color will bring a lot of heat to the room for a atmosphere very cocooning . Its hot color can very easily integrate with the rest of your interior decoration.

What are the advantages of the polar?

The polar is a textile that is very hot and soft which meets very easily. The polar is therefore synonymous with Longevity . Indeed, the polar fabric perfectly retains its softness over the years. The polar will always keep you warm, no matter the seniority of the polar. The polar is lighter than wool while being so soft and Comfortable .

The polar has excellent value for money, it is accessible to all.