Throw Blanket Nordic White


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Characteristics of the Nordic Throw Blanket White :

  • 100% Jacquard Fabric: Soft and Cozy
  • Throw Blanket Ideal to immerse yourself in the Scandinavian lifestyle
  • a cocooning Throw Blanket for a Danish and Norwegian atmosphere
  • Eco-responsible Jacquard Fabric
  • easy hand wash
  • Standard Delivery Offered

Treat yourself from comfort with our Nordic white Throw Blanket. A Throw Blanket that will plunge you into the Danish happiness called “Hygge”.

A Nordic White Throw Blanket has all the features needed to immerse yourself in the Scandinavian lifestyle. The lifestyle of the Scandinavian countries is unique. For them, the moments Cocooning and warm are a must-have. Thanks to our cozy Nordic Throw Blanket, you will be able to taste this art of living close. Danes like Norwegians love these cozy atmospheres. The “ Hygge ” is the art of living in an environment in which we feel good. The Throw Blanket is therefore a must!

In addition to comforting yourself and getting Softness and heat, this Throw Blanket will be perfect for your interior decoration. Scandinavian design will bring a Nordic touch to your living room. If you like to see your Throw Blankets unfolded or draped on a sofa, it will be possible with this Throw Blanket. Guests can use sofa jet or even in bedspread. From a decorative point of view, this Throw Blanket has everything to please you. A Decoration from Room must have a white Throw Blanket.

The White will bring softness, elegant and Purity at your home. A cozy decoration is also played on the colors. Light source, White will illuminate your stay by absorbing the sun’s rays. You will be happy to see that your sofa is bright. Can you have raw wood furniture and shelves with plants, and you have the perfect Nordic decoration.

The Jacquard Fabric is 100% recycled is Eco-Manager . The geometric patterns that intertwine are handwoven in a northern spinning. Respectful of the environment, this Throw Blanket is durable . You will keep it many years at your side. The jacquard fabric retains the softness and warmth of your Throw Blanket.

What are the advantages of Jacquard tissue?

The Jacquard fabric offers your Throw Blanket a softness softness and a unique comfort. Cozy and cocooning, it plunges you into intense relaxation moments.

Weave and spinning of the Jacquard fabric offers Throw Blanket several advantages. A Good Storage , a sweetness and unique design are the main advantages.