Throw Blanket Ottoman


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Ottoman Throw Blanket characteristics:

  • polyester mix and cotton : perfect for autumn / spring
  • Fleece fabric : Very soft Throw Blanket
  • Hand woven Ottoman Throw Blanket
  • easy machine wash at 30 °
  • Standard Delivery Offered

An Ottoman atmosphere will make your living room more exotic. Opt for a superb utoman Throw Blanket.

The eastern atmosphere, the Ottoman atmosphere … Do you feel? The promises of our Ottoman Throw Blanket are that it will plunge you into the atmosphere of a ancient tribe . The Ottoman Tribe, Today Turkey today. You will be able to use this Throw Blanket as a sofa jet or as bed covering . Wherever you put it, you will feel like having an indigenous tribe decoration. By choosing this ethnic Throw Blanket, you decide to have a unique decoration .

A Ethnic Throw Blanket is perfect for traveling . A bit like the Ottoman ethnicity traveled, you can travel with this Throw Blanket. When traveling, in the car as in the campsite. If you sleep under the stars, the Throw Blanket will serve both picnic towel but also soft blanket for the night. An ethnic utoman multi function!

What’s more, this Throw Blanket is durable over time. It is composed of polar microfibers, mixed with cotton. You will be able to keep it many years. It is easy to wash and keeps very well. Easy maintenance from this Ottoman Throw Blanket will make life easier for travel. And then, a Throw Blanket that stays clean, it’s perfect for a beautiful ethnic decoration.

What are the advantages of an ethnic Throw Blanket?

The ethnic Throw Blanket allows you to travel by staying on site. Very quickly, the Throw Blanket brings a unique decoration and an exotic touch. Draped on a sofa, the Throw Blanket plunges your interior into the ethnic group referred to. Easy to transport, the ethnic Throw Blanket will follow you everywhere.