Throw Blanket Fleece XXL Red


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Throw Blanket features xxl red:

  • 100% polyester : hold hot
  • Fleece fabric : very soft and anti-bouldy cover
  • Caloring : holds all the heat
  • multiple size including size xxl
  • rectangular cover
  • easy machine wash at 30 ° C
  • Standard delivery offered

Blotting in a cocoon of heat with the red XXL Throw Blanket.

Throw Blanket Univers is committed to offering you a lot of comfort. For this we have the polar coverage. This blanket was handwoven with 100% coral flannel . This material allows the Throw Blanket of you Have warm during the winter but also during all seasons. The advantage of this subject is also its cost that allows everyone to benefit from a ideal comfort of life.

You can also use this great Throw Blanket as bedspread or as extra Throw Blanket once installed in your sofa. It is thanks to him that you are going to relax once returned from work. The Fabric Softness will put you in a cozy nest in addition to the heat emitted by the Throw Blanket. Simply you just sit comfortably in your sofa and snuggle you in order to relax to the maximum.

Finally, this polar Throw Blanket can also be a decorative object object. Indeed, the brilliant color of this cover can bring a key of originality and pep’s in your bedroom or in your room of life. In addition, this fleece cover can also be for dog and cat . Indeed, your pet can also put into a ball on it to rest on a fluffy cover.

What are the benefits of the polar?

The polar is a textile that is very hot and soft which intersects very easily. The polar is therefore synonymous with Longevity . Indeed, the polar fabric perfectly retains its softness over the years. The polar will always keep you warm, no matter the seniority of the polar. The polar is lighter than wool while being so soft and comfortable .

The polar has excellent value for money, it is accessible to all.