Slipper Christmas Sock Woman


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Chausson Chausson Christmas Sock Woman:

  • Plush inner fabric : hold hot and Fluffy
  • cotton outdoor fabric : soft
  • shoe thick sock with reindeer pattern
  • Non-slip sock slipper
  • easy machine wash at 30 °
  • Standard delivery offered

Blottize your feet in these shoe Christmas socks Woman to have warm all holidays.

Your happiness does that of universed Throw Blanket! Indeed, we are looking for Improving your daily life . For this we offer this Christmas sock shoe woman to succeed your end-of-year holidays at best or continue your year with this spirit of holidays we love so much. Thanks to these socks socks you will have hot during the winter but also throughout the year. We know that the extremities are cold-sensitive areas that’s why we offer adequate products. This is the ideal gift to make or offer your loved ones.

This pair of Sock Sock You comforts by putting your feet warm after the hours exhausting days. Its softness and its comfort will put you in a cocooning atmosphere with you! In addition, these reindeer reasons will bring you back to your late year memories or will allow you to be in the theme during the Christmas holidays. For this, we offer different colors Rennes passing from the brown that will bring back heat, passing through the rose that will erase your evenings around the firefire where relaxation is the motto. Order.

This Christmas sock slipper for Woman is designed from natural cotton fibers. This cotton makes it possible to bring softness to your cold feet and the will instantly warm . Regarding the interior, it is made from synthetic fibers which gives the plush tissue. This fabric makes it possible to make the inside of the sock even more mellow and cozy . This sock slippers is the perfect accessory to create a cocooning and joyful atmosphere in your home. This fabric mix gives a great product that will meet all your expectations while being very affordable . Comfort for all is our priority.

Spending wonderful Christmas holidays with this shoe Christmas sock Woman or revive Christmas magic with this one.

What are the advantages of cotton and teddy material?

The cotton is a vegetable fiber that can absorb the moisture of the body and the ‘air. These sock slippers will not swell you once on your feet. Its fabric keeps warm thanks to its pellets and plush side. These sock slippers will put your feet warm in a cozy place. In addition, this fabric allows you to have sock slippers at a very affordable price so that each of you can benefit from optimal comfort.

The fibers used for the manufacture of the material plush are generally of synthetic origin and often mixed between the polyester as well as the polyacrylate. These two materials give an extremely soft and thick result but also very hot and wonderfully soft.