Women’s Slipper Anti-slip


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Chausson feature anti-slip woman sock:

  • 100% cotton : hold warm
  • cotton fabric : soft
  • Absorbent fabric: Leaves the skin breathe and does not hoodie
  • shoe thick sock with pattern
  • Non-slip sock slipper
  • easy machine wash at 30 °
  • standard delivery offered

Have the feet warm and a comfort comfort with these slippers anti-slip woman socks.

Socks Socks Woman Anti-slip it’s the must-have Throw Blanket universe. Indeed, this pair will keep your feet at hot throughout the year as well as Grader a walking comfort even at home thanks to its tips of Silicone put under the foot so as not to slip on the floor and so walk in peace while having the feet always warm. Its soft and gentleness will put you in a happiness bubble instantly. You will never have this unpleasant feeling of having frozen feet.

Thick cotton that designs these sock slippers allows you to adapt to each of you. To make the shoe sock plus fun we offer a choice with pattern to add a touch of PEP’s to your feet. There are for all taste! From scratch to the heart passing through the leopard for the wildest parties you. Imagine for a moment your feet covered with a soft sock slipper for you Relaxing Once at home and enjoy this sweet moment so precious to your eyes.

This slipper Sock Non-Slope Sock is formed from Natural Fibers which gives this incredibly soft side that we search for its feet. This comfort will dive into a atmosphere cozy 100% guaranteed! In addition, for the non-slip side, have small tips of silicone that are glued under the foot to offer you a pleasant and without fall. To enhance everything, cotton allows you to offer this comfort of life at low cost . This commitment is made for the purpose of making it possible to make a maximum of person at comfort .

Cherish your feet in the recovering with this incredible slippery Woman sock slippage. It will keep you warm all year round and thus comfort you!

What are the advantages of cotton?

Cotton is a vegetable fiber that can absorb moisture from the body and air. These sock slippers will not swell you once on your feet. Its fabric keeps warm thanks to its pellets and plush side. These sock slippers will put your feet warm in a cozy place. In addition, this fabric allows you to have sock slippers at a very affordable price so that each of you can benefit from optimal comfort.