Throw Blanket Bohemian Orange and White


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Characteristics of orange and white bohemian Throw Blanket:

  • 100% cotton : perfect for autumn / spring
  • Cotton Fabric : Absorbent Throw Blanket
  • Throw Blanket with Hand Woven Bohemian Ethnic Style
  • Easy hand wash
  • Standard Delivery Offered

Enjoy your trip with orange and blue bohemian Throw Blanket.

we all have a share of great traveler. He who loves nature, who respect and who likes to spend time with her. During your long trip you will naturally take place with you this bohemian Throw Blanket. It can be used as cover to warm you up, as seat protector or as picnic tablecloth . You will enjoy a maximum of its benefits to offer you a lot of comfort .

This Throw Blanket can also get in a house. You can also cover your sofa with this Throw Blanket at ethnic motifs as making it a rug at the foot of your sofa. The colored and bohemian patterns of the Throw Blanket will bring out your interior decoration. It’s also a simple way to bring color without tiring.

This cover is made in 100% cotton fabric . Cotton is a natural material that is in total agreement with what the bohemian style wants to reflect. By buying this Throw Blanket you will participate in a ecological and responsible approach approach. In addition, cotton is recognized for having a absorbing power power. When you use it in tablecloth, it will hold all the moist from the ground and keep you dry. This also applies if you put it as a blanket, it will not swell you.

What are the advantages of an ethnic Throw Blanket?

The ethnic Throw Blanket allows you to travel by staying on site. Very quickly, the Throw Blanket brings a unique decoration and an exotic touch. Draped on a sofa, the Throw Blanket plunges your interior into the ethnic group referred to. Easy to transport, the ethnic Throw Blanket will follow you everywhere.