Throw Blanket Tartan Black and White


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Characteristics of the Black and White Scottish Throw Blanket:

  • 100% Polyester : Hot
  • hand woven : resistant
  • Celtic cover
  • easy machine wash at 30 ° C
  • Standard Delivery Offered

Have an elegant living room while having a Scottish clan style with the Black and White Scottish Throw Blanket.

We all want a comfort of life at home. For this, nothing like having a warm lounge. Here, with the black and white checkered cover you will bring a lot of elegance to your living room with its timeless style with tiles and its modern colors pass everywhere. This Throw Blanket will be a real decoration on your sofa or chair.

As mentioned above, the comfort of life is essential. Once wrapped in this cover you will feel the intense softness of the Throw Blanket as well as the heat it gives. You will be in a genuine cozy nest. For a Total Scottish Look Why not smoke a pipe, adding a beret to feel like in the Celtic countries. One thing is safe, the atmosphere will be as warm than in its countries.

To have such warm coverage as it is necessary to use polyester fibers to bring this comfort so much. In addition, its fibers will withstand weather without falling after different washing in washing machine. You have a perfect adornment to put as bed top or to use for a picnic.

What are the advantages of the Ecossais Throw Blanket?

Thanks to our Scottish Throw Blanket you will be able to decorate your home at Celtic style . Use this Throw Blanket as a Lady skirt or as a Kilt Scottish to warm you instantly. In addition, you can easily Machine wash at 30 ° C.