Throw Blanket Polar Sofa Pink


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Fleece Throw Blanket Features Rose Sofa:

  • 100% polyester flannel : Hot
  • Doudou Fabric : Very Sweet Cover
  • rectangular cover
  • easy machine wash at 30 ° C
  • Standard Delivery Offered

Concoct a cozy and cozy nest thanks to the Polar Throw Blanket Rose Sofa.

Nothing better than having a home comfortable and relaxing. Here we benefit with the Throw Blanket sofa. This is the perfect accessory to hug in after a long day of work. Its softness and its heat you will put in a ambiance cosy at wish. For even more comfort , envelop yourself in the Throw Blanket and take a hot drink with you in front of a good movie.

The sweetness of the Throw Blanket we love so much is due to the flannel material . This fabric has fibers ultra soft and fluffy . You then have a Throw Blanket very light once below but it gives a lot of heat once wrapped in. In addition, this cover has a power Anti-Boulrock . You will then maintain a blanket with touch even after several years .

Finally, this blanket can also serve as Decoration object . Indeed, you can cover your sofa with this cover to bring a touch of color and softness when you mix in it. In addition to dress up your sofa , this beautiful linen will give a light key to your seating area. It is also a perfect color for having a cosy atmosphere at home.

What are the advantages of the polar?

The polar is a textile that is very hot and soft which meets very easily. The polar is therefore synonymous with Longevity . Indeed, the polar fabric perfectly retains its softness over the years. The polar will always keep you warm, no matter the seniority of the polar. The polar is lighter than wool while being so soft and Comfortable .

The polar has excellent value for money, it is accessible to all.